Thursday, 09 February 2023 12:05

Over 5,500 e-tickets valuing $34.9m issued by JCF since new road rules

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As the police continue to enforce the new Road Traffic Act, a total of 5,533 e-tickets—amounting to $34.9 million—have been issued by law enforcers since the new road rules took effect on February 1.

The tickets were issued in the first six days of the month, according to statistics released by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) at a press briefing on Tuesday. 

Of the 5,533 e-tickets issued, 401 have so far been paid, totalling $2,357,500.

In expounding on the data presented, Commissioner of Police Major General Antony Anderson said the JCF recently received an additional 750 e-ticketing devices, bringing the total number of devices to 820.

He said they are currently being rolled out across the country. 

Anderson noted that though the new Road Traffic Act provides for additional offences and greater fines, "the provisions are mainly designed to make road use safer for everyone."

However, he said there were additional amendments required in various pieces of legislation to allow the traffic ticket management system (TTMS) to be optimised fully, from the time a breach was detected to the enforcement process, and through the court if the ticket was being contested. 

Meanwhile, the top law enforcer said additional public order enforcement tools, including decibel and tint meters, will be coming on stream shortly. 

"Noise has been a source of nuisance to a number of persons, whether from motor vehicles, motorcycles or entertainment. 

"There are people who operate without due consideration for the wider public. The decibel meter will be used by our public order and traffic teams to better regulate noise levels," Anderson stated. 

According to him, the police recently received 40 such meters and will gradually increase the number over time, in an effort to increase the JCF's capacity to address noise nuisance.

In relation to the tint meters, they will be used to aid in the enforcement of the relevant provision of the new Road Traffic Act relative to tint levels.